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Troop 200 has been chartered by St. Luke’s United Methodist Church since 1982. Troop 200 is part of the Chesapeake Bay District of the Colonial Virginia Council (CVC595 Twitter) and subscribes fully to the Rules and Regulations of the National Council and the Colonial Virginia Council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  To find other troops in the local area check out BeAscout.org!

Troop 200 has a tradition of providing a full Scouting experience, including regular troop and patrol meetings with a robust advancement program, well-rounded outdoor program including weekend tent camping about 10 months each year, high adventure opportunities, and service projects to the community. Past outdoor activities include snow skiing, backpacking,  canoeing, boating, rock climbing/ rappelling, cycling, caving, and much more! The troop strives to provide motivated Scouts with plenty of opportunities to attain the First Class rank within a year or so of joining, while providing the older Scouts opportunities to obtain merit badges, participate in service projects, and experience high adventure activities. Troop 200 has been very successful in providing our Scouts the opportunity to achieve Scouting’s greatest honor, the rank of Eagle Scout.

~ Treasury Status ~

Dues and Scout Account Status

Many thanks to scouts who are keeping their $10 a month dues and scout account (SA) balances in the GREEN

If you have RED by your name, you need to see your Scribe or the Treasurer before you can go camping or have a BoR
because your dues are not current or your SA is overdrawn

If you have YELLOW by your name, your dues and/or SA need some attention because your dues balance is less than $10
or your SA is less than $150!

Ask your Patrol Scribe, the Troop Scribe
or the Treasurer (Mrs. Wallace)
what you need to do to GET GREEN!  
Email:  treasurer@troop200.net

T200 Treasury Status
(21 April 14)
Dues Current / Scout Account good!
Dues < $10 / Scout Account < $100
Dues not current / SA overdrawn
Screaming Eagle PatrolDuesSA
Batte, T-$10$15
Caraballo, A-$20$27
Fary, T-$10$31
Hawkins, T$20$96
Horne, N$0$50
Knopf, D-$20$250
Lee, B-$80$8
Wheeler, N$10$210
Wilbert, D$80$348
Zaniewski, H$40$86
Mighty Spartan PatrolDuesSA
Barnes, T-$20$198
Borders, E-$30$27
Brush, S$10$8
Davies, D$80$208
Drees, D$20$8
Hawkins, L$20$258
Murawski, D$10$281
Williams, A$10-$4
Zaniewski, R$30$40
Duct Tape PatrolDuesSA
Carter, M-$90$80
Darden, J$0$216
Garrison, M$20$71
Horton, B-$30$22
Liu, D$0-$188
Packard, B-$10$0
Wallis, D$20$97
Sharp Tomahawk PatrolDuesSA
Fary, C$0$60
Fleri, N-$10$253
Fournier, S$0$173
Lee, D$0$57
Morhiser, M-$13-$100
Pauley, J$10$41
Petit, S$10$165
Spitz, M$10$73
Ramming RhinoDuesSA
Darden, B$21$234
Dodsworth, S$10$31
Hildre, C$0$159
Perdue, N$0$80
Wallace, J$0$121
Yankowski, A$10$131
Funky MonkeyDuesSA
Ahlin, J$40$21
Breed, B$0$167
Donahoe, P$0$286
Fields, M-$20-$57
Jackson, L-$10$52
Packard, H$0$37
Perdue, M$20$51
Rose, W$10$17
Wyrtki, N$110$285
Zorumski, M$0-$177
Allen, N-$10$50
Beaver, B-$10$100
Boyd, C-$10$60
Breed, M-$10$0
Bristow, K-$10$95
Brockingston, A-$10$325
Harms, D-$10-$100
Hass, J-$10$60
Kirsch, J-$10$60
Menapace, M-$10$175
Petit, R$10$167